segunda-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2011

You gotta be...

Last year, I watched the Karate Kid movie from 1994 with Hilary Swank. It's very, very nice. I was born in 1991, and I felt a little bit nostalgic because of the nineties. In the very ending of the movie (when the credits are showed), I heard a sound that I didn't know I really appreciated: You gotta be, performed by Des'ree. She is a Britanic singer who was very popular in the nineties. I enjoyed some phrases of this song that says very beautiful things... Well, here are some of them:

  • Challenge what the future holds
  • Go ahead, release your fears
  • Don't be ashamed to cry
  • You gotta be bad
  • You gotta be bold
  • You gotta be wiser
  • You gotta be hard
  • You gotta be tough
  • You gotta be stronger
  • You gotta be cool
  • You gotta be calm
  • You gotta stay together
  • All I know is (that) love will save the day

That's all, folks! ;)